10 Best Cities to Stay in Greece

Greece is a country south of Europe that is famously known for thousands of beautiful Islands. It is also referred to as the cradle for western civilization. This country also has some of the famous beaches such as the party resorts of Mykonos and Black Sands of Santorini. Additionally, there are most of the best cities you would always want to visit. The 10 best cities to stay in Greece are as follows:

1) Mykonos Town

This is a city popularly known for its nightlife and the best almond flour cookies. It is the perfect city to choose if you are seeking lots of fun under the sun.Chora(the key village)is packed with shops, boutiques, and very good cafes. The whole city is filled with very interesting buildings and architecture such as the famous church of Panagia Paraportiani.

2) Agios Nikolaos, Crete

This is a coastal city in Crete overlooking the beautiful shores of Mirabello Bay. This city boasts of many luxury resorts and beautiful beaches. North of the city is a farm known as Cretan Olive Oil Farm where you can taste local flavors. It is the excellent warm weather getaway for you.

3) Thessaloniki

This is Greece’s second largest Cultural city. This is one city that would make your stay very memorable. This is because it comprises of the old world and new age experience. There are contemporary art museums, buzzing nightlife and avant-garde galleries.

4) Oia, Santorini

This city gives visitors sweeping views of Islands and waters. As a tourist here, you will enjoy sunsets that are considered among the best in the planet. Tourists are locals assemble at the ruins of Oi Castle to view the sunset.

5) Chora, Ios

This city is considered the largest party island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a magical city. People flock in the city’s dancefloors in the unique nightclubs. It is surrounded by numerous beaches where you can spend your day. Chora’s cubed houses, winding streets and white chapels will satisfy your photography.

6) Lindos, Rhodes

This city is the home to many ancient monuments. This city is the best destination in terms of history buffs. Lindos’ clifftop acropolis is one of the most visited archeological sites in Greece. You will also enjoy cheap donkey rides around the city. Other places worth the visits are The Ancient Theatre and The 15th Century Church of Virgin Mary.

7) Rethymno, Crete

This city is located on Crete’s northern coast. It is famous for the long sandy beachfront, Old Town and Byzantine churches. It is a city that offers you many stores and boutiques which offer you a variety of jewelry and leather. Apart from shopping, relaxing at the beaches, you will appreciate the bars and restaurants.

8) Parikia, Paros

This city is surrounded by many Greek islands. This city boasts of beautiful white and blue architecture and beaches. For Instagram lovers, Kolymbithres beach is worth the stroll.

9) Naxos

This city is the ideal choice for you seeking adventure in Greece. There are numerous outdoor activities such as horseback riding, windsurfing, deep sea diving etc. Whatever fun activity you are seeking, this city will offer you the best experience.

10) Imerovigli, Santorini

This city is known for its beautiful sunsets. Thinking of a honeymoon in Greece, this is the perfect choice for you. It is a scenic city that many tourists have highly recommended.